Hey Amy I just wanted to share with you that I am under 200lbs I was between 205 to 210 and now I'm at 198lbs. So I'm excited, I can't wait to see what happens next week. 




 Hi Amy:

Has life been a whirlwind of events and eyeopening moments. I as you know take each reading and read and re-read, and meditate talking to the universe and God, (ok now that you have guided me to do such), and realize that yes, the fear has lead my life into such a frenzy of events. OK so back in May before I was guided to you  I would have never knew this, but through your loving and much patient guidance, and reassurance, have I been able to talk myself off the ledge so to speak. Your reading are so accurate that i know the next line before i get there, sometimes as i read, I am thinking no way, shes in my mind, Amy is this connected to me. What is actually amazing to me, is when I feel out of line with things, I Jump on line and there it is a topic that you have blogged about, and I think how does she know that is what i am going through, still connected to your clients, you must be exhausted. 

So, My update to date, is, I have realized my fears were a huge block, and by writing them and stating them helped me to release them, as I read on your blog, right, yeah connection. You are truly amazing. My weight loss spell is going great, My growth is amazing, my partner's growth is amazing, especially, his calmness. I feel a sense of peace as you stated I would.

I really thank you and feel so much love and peace from you. 


Amy, thank you so much for the Employment Spell. It took 6 months for me to go full time but I got the job 2 weeks after you did the spell. I am now working 70 hours a week and sometimes more! I was able to move into the house I wanted and the landlady owns the whole street and she is actually letting me help pick all teh tenants. I can't belive that this is my life. Its never been this good. thank you agin


Thanks Amy.

Your success spell has been done wonders for my life. Thanks to the boost you have given my new business, I no longer have to spend hours upon hours driving from one lead to the next. New customers are coming to me all the time from completely random sources. Your spellwork has given both me and my business the fresh energy and abundance we both needed. Please feel free to use me as a testimonial. I am blown away. Thans so much.


This Reading is so accurate and on point to the "T".  


I'm in gratitude of your service 


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