Amy has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings are extensive and cover a variety of topics. Please ask one question per reading, with one free clarification

Tarot Spreads can vary from 3 to 10 cards; the more cards you choose, the more in-depth your reading will be.

Readings are done via email and will be sent to you as an attached word document.

One-on-One Spirutual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is done weekly via skype. In each session you are invited to share your feelings without judgment, shame, or condemnation. Each session is 60 minutes long and you will be guided by Spirit to heal, express, and learn to love yourself so you can have the fulfilling, happy life you desire and deserve.





Psychic Parties

Want a cool, fun theme for your next get-together? Psychic Parties are fun for all, & as a host you get a free reading! Serving all of Northwest Arkansas. Due to COVID, Psychic Parties are not being held at this time.

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